Stop the World

Chad Hollister Band

This latest Pacific Records release features the full 10 piece Chad Hollister Band. It was produced by Danny Bernini and Chad Hollister with "Breathe" mixed and produced by Anthony J Resta and Karyadi Sutedja. This track also appears on the soundtrack for the Film 9/11directed by Martin Guigui. It's a great continuation of the CHB catalog .

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Thanks for the visit. Please feel free to connect with us here and we hope to see you at a show near you. Our brand new record "Stop the World" is out on Pacific Records. Get your copy here: 
We believe that LIVE music is truly where the soul shines. Please connect with us if you'd like to have us in your neck of the world. Thank for taking the time to visit and t for spreading the word!  PEACE and MUSIC!!


Here we head to sleep at a rest area due to rain and our slide out awning getting caught. The time has been amazing and so many updates that I won’t make now. Craters of The Moon National Park in Arco, Idaho was out of this world literally. It was formed by a volcano erupting 2,000 years ago making it the youngest volcano in America. Thinking about the settlers and the Native Americans trying to make sense of the volcanic rock is crazy. We also ran into good friends The Ross family by total chance. Small globe ! Patrick Ross has joined us on fiddle many times and is one of my favorite players ever!  Well head to Bend in the morning to get some laundry done and play a last minute add at Monkless Belgian Ale Brewery. Sunday is Riley’s 13th bday and she’s ready and anxious for a day of good food and wearing her new clothes we bought in Boise.  

Well then make our way to the Oregon coast and make our way up to Portland for the June 2 Mock Crest Show. 

Keep in touch and reach out anytime!

Tour in CA!! 

So we’ve been on the road for just about three months now and we’re still alive! Home schooling with Rikey and BODI is getting into a groove. We had an amazing time in Manhattan Beaxh at the Brannan pad on The Strand. It was amazing to have that home for the week and reconnect w longtime Up With People Matt Brannan and his wife Jen. Their kids Addy and True are growing up fast ! We got to visit Rodric at Thunder Studios and see a real deal movie studio. This was where 9/11 was filmed.  There was some serious gaming stuff too. 

We got to see a Dodgers game although it ended abruptly as a sewage leak broke out next to The Dodgers dugout. We had our Dodger Dogs and even an $18 beer!! We headed up to Santa Barbara to hang w old buddy Ryan Dafoe and partner Beth as well as daughter Harlow. So great to see these guys as last time was eight years ago.  We did a backyard bash and enjoyed avocado, lime , lemon, passion fruit, apple, apricot, and orange trees all in one small yard!! Great folks! 

We headed back to LA to do a City Year career day and see some of Beverly Hills. I also shot a you tube video with Soul Cole for his show “what’s the biz” in Redondo Beach. The Studio 637 guys were really great  and hope to hook up with them again. I’ll let you know when the episode comes out  .

While in Santa Barbara, at a late nite campfire at Ryan and Beth’s pad, I met Angela and Dustin. This turned into two more gigs opening for Brian Titus(amazing) and doing an open mic with Dustin. Dustin is an off the hook Cajon player and we hit it off right away  . Thanks for the gigs Dustin and Brian for being so damn cool! We shall meet again!

Oakland was next tonlerdorm with longtime buddy Bob Coons at Pandora headquarters! We did a lunch time set for the whole company and it was awesome to see the inner workings of that platform we call Pandora  . We were one of the first stations on Pandora 18 years ago and Bob was their very first music analyst ! Cool! 

Our next stop was Folsom , CA to see longtime friend Shauna Anderson of Belizbeha fame and mother of six!! I did a songwriting workshop with her homeschooling group for 35 kids and it was great ! Next eve was a house concert at their home  her husband Brandy is one cool dude and their kids became fast friends of Ri and Bodi. 

Now we’re hanging for a week in Plymouth, CA in the heart of Amador County  there are 80 wineries in a twenty mile radius. Cool !   

Thursday I play at Nicholson’s Music in Folsom with Natalie Gelman who I played with 12 years ago at The Plymouth , VT Folk Fest! Small globe eh??

more to come friends......Love you all!!  

Chad, Katie, Riley and Bodi 






9/11 soundtrack! 

I went to the premiere of the Martin Guigui Film 9/11 on Sunday night and it was very well done. It was not a movie I was looking forward to seeing for obvious reasons but my feelings are that it was respectful and retold a story that we all remember in our own way. Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg do a great job as well as local friend Paul "Buzzy" Burroughs as Firefighter #5. Our song "Breathe" is on the soundtrack and I feel very honored to be a part of it. Check it out here:   


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