Thanks for the visit. Please feel free to connect with us here and we hope to see you at a show near you. We are booking the fall into winter and even next summer now so don't wait to get your date in your living room, back yard or favorite club down the road. Live music is where it's at so thanks for keeping it alive!

NY , Waldorf, Buffalo!! 

Amazing NY run w/ Primo and myself w/ a band gig in the middle. We started out in Albany at Everydays. Huge thanks to Mike Cox for having us back. We were also joined by Tim Smith and Adirondack Brewing Co. They popped some Bear Naked brew on tap (my favorite) and we were off to the races. Best burger in town as well! Next stop was Hector, NY and Two Goats Brewing Co. As you may have guessed, they're a brewery run by Jessica and Jon. We had a ball for our first time in this joint that swears by "original" music so thanks for that! We'll be back! we then headed up after the gig to Rochester as we were going to be LIVE on "Good Day Rochester" and it was great. check it here:  http://foxrochester.com/news/good-day-rochester/chad-hollister-band-performs-on-good-day-rochester
Then off to The Aurora Waldorf School to have some lunch, tour the school and perform an assembly for the 5th thru 8th grade. What a great place. No computers, cell phones, a mud pit, lots of PLAY and more PLAY! If you have not visited a Waldorf School, we highly recommend it. The kids were so respectful and calm. Thanks to Candi Thornton for being our liaison and Josh Nussbaumer for setting it all up. Heather makes some of the best lunch ever fyi!  Then, off to 9th Ward at Babeville (Ani Difranco's club) to set up and soundcheck. The whole band would be here and wen were pumped for that. It was a benefit for The Aurora Waldorf School and the show was SOLD OUT!!  We then headed over to Candi and Johns for a VIP party w/ yes, pizza and BUFFALO wings!! We mingled w/ the folks who paid an amazing $75 to meet the band, took some photos and headed back to the club.  A huge thanks to Brooke Muggia for making this evening possible too. Also, Josh and Brookes folks John and Judy Nussbaumer were amazingly helpful at every step so thanks!  We were joined by new friend Mark Klein who was set up for our very first LIVE webcast.You can see it on my Chad Hollister personal page if you scroll down to Nov. 4. Incredible job Mark and thanks for all the effort. I'm just reading through the hundreds of comments left as we were playing..damn cool!  Can't wait to do that again. We stayed at The historic  Lenox Hotel which meant 4am bed.....damn!!  Next day it was off to Manlius, NY and The Kellish Hill Farm w/ Kathy and Rick. A truly beautiful place in a sweet little town. We had a great time playing for them in the barn which is really set up for music. We'll be back there in the summer for sure. That evening after our show. we headed into Syracuse to join good friends "SIRSY" at Funk n Waffles for a tune and send some love to Mel and Rich. They are so great and we've known each other for many years. We gotta do that again!  Next day, we played Funk n Waffles at the 6pm slot. It was an a sweet place and looking forward to coming back to see Sam, Charlie and Jojo again and eat that Thanksgiving waffle---best ever!!!!  We departed after the show to get some driving out of the way and sleep[ at the in laws in Albany. Thanks Danny and Jackie for having us as always!!  

Thanks to all who helped make this run a success and for Adirondack Brewing for the beer for the benefit, VOLKL for the ski bag for the auction and to all of you for coming to the shows!! see you soon!!

Topnotch and First Chair Last Call Music Series Friday Oct. 21! 

It's a pleasure to be returning to The Roost at Topnotch to kick off First Chair Last Call Music Series. The musical lineup is stellar, the beers and ciders are new and the menu is too. The gig is 6-9pm and encourage you to get there early to get your seat. Stowe is ready for some new life and this is it. Come visit the new Roost and support local, live music!!  Huge thanks to Farrell, Von Trapp Brewing and Citizens Cider for making this all possible. There will be no shortage of great drinks for all!!

California Dreamin'...... 

What a killer trip out to the West coast. Got some great time with old friend Matt Brannan .Thanks for the pad, food , car and great hang too! Fridays gig was very cool as a benefit for Bring Hollywood Home, an organization trying to bring filmmaking back to LA and Hollywood by offering tax incentives. Kenny Aronoff was on drums and Mike Merritt on bass and what a rhythm section! The band was epic and featured many guest artists from Austin Hanks to fellow VT boy Gregory Douglass to Youtube sensation Whitney Avalon. This was all made possible due to longtime friend Martin Guigui who put the monster band together to showcase these great artists. The evening was a success and hope we do it again! The rest of the weekend was pretty chill with an impromptu gig on the beach in Santa Monica w/ family members Bo and Leslie Adams. Hard to leave that place for sure. On Monday, Guigui and i headed down to SanDiego to play a few tunes for Brian and Pat of Pacific Records, a very cool independent label. It went very well and we'll see where it goes from here........
Thanks CA and especially The Brannan Family for hosting me!

WNCS The Point adds "Eyes" 

I decided to give the pre release of our new record "Stop The World" to the one station who has supported us for over 10 years. WNCS The Point at http://www.pointfm.com     They have added "Eyes" and are the only station in the world able to play it . Enjoy it and the record will be out soon. Thanks to Program Director Zeb Norris for playing our music!!  Make sure to request it and it is available to be identified on SHAZAM in a couple of days!  PEACE!!

SUMMER 2016! 

An amazing summer it has been from Maine to MA to CT,NH,NY to RI , South Africa with daughter Riley and back home to sweet VT!! The record artwork is in the works and we'll be getting it out for you soon. Thanks to all who brought us to your towns and cities and looking forward to an amazing fall filled with leaves and gigs!

I'm seeking out new venues and would love your recommendations. Please send an email to chad@chadmusic.com and a contact if possible and we'll come and see you. Also, house concerts are some of our favorite gigs. These are gigs in the comfort of your very own home. Contact us if interested.

Hope to see you on the road. Thanks for all the support!!

"Breathe" available at CDBaby as well as on ITUNES 

Download the latest single "Breathe" here thru ITunes or CDBaby. This tune was produced by Anthony J. Resta and mixed by Karyadi Sutedja.
It features the cello of Cameron Stone, guitars of Anthony J. Resta and the vocals and acoustic of Chad Hollister.
You can download it here :  http://cdbaby.com/cd/chadhollisterband
Spread the word!!
It is also available on ITunes here:  ​https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/breathe-single/id902625859

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Chad Hollister and PRIMO

Sea Dog Brewing Co., Main St., Camden, ME

The Sea Dog is Back folks!! Now where Cappys used to be. See you back at the old joint for some memories and great tunes!!! 8-11pm


Chad Hollister and Brett Hughes

Light Club Lamp Shop, North Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT

Chad and Brett have been friends for a million years and have never played together (despite numerous threats)...These 2 weeks of Dec. 7 and Dec. 14 , it's finally happening at the hippest joint in town. show is 7-9pm and a $5-10 donation is suggested!